Skincare routine, how to get rid of blackheads

During the cold season the face demands more pampering and we do not always want or the time needed for a proper cleaning. Personally I try to treat and clean my skin thoroughly 2/3 times a week, obviously the right products play a very important role to cleanse our skin. That's why today I reveal all my secrets for a perfect skincare, my personal routine for an impeccable facial cleansing even at home. Are you curious to find out everything? Follow my steps for a bright and cleansed skin.

 My skincare routine, how to get rid of blackheads

1. The first thing to do is remove the face, personally I use micellar water, I find it very effective and really quick to remove all traces of makeup.

2. To clean the face deeply, I always use an exfoliating cleansing gel, a very delicate product that is perfect to counteract impurities, unsightly blackheads and to eliminate dead cells. This is a step that I perform immediately after the shower, thanks to the steam the pores dilate and it is easier to exfoliate the most critical areas, such as forehead, chin and nose.

3. Then move on to the mask, to be held for 10-15 minutes, a fundamental step that will make the skin softer and brighter.

4. Revitalizing tonic, to apply it to best use a cotton pad; the tonic helps to close the pores, to make the skin fresher, clean and prepare it for the next step.

5. The last essential product to be applied after cleaning is the moisturizing cream. The skin of the face is sensitive to external aggressions, sun rays and pollution, so it is important to protect it effectively and with the right products depending on the type of skin.

These are all the steps that I usually perform for my skincare evening routine, a little pampering for the skin, but also for me, my moment of daily relaxation (or almost) to which I never give up.

Do you also perform facial cleansing at home? Which products do you use

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