Christmas wishlist: organic beauty sets

Christmas is firmly within our sights and wishlists, gift ideas and inspirations are flying around all over the Internet and in the shops. Many of our favourite mainstream beauty companies are offering luxurious sets of their best-selling beauty products to cosmetics-lovers this year: what could be better than a beautifully arranged box featuring products we know and love? However, this Christmas, we at want to exchange some of the beauty products we all know an d love for products that are just as good but are much more health and environmentally conscious. Many of our favourite brands contain ingredients and formulas that whilst providing a high-quality finish, use a host of chemical nasties to do so. Not only are these detrimental to their health of our skin and to the chemical balances in our bodies but also to the environment when produced and manufactured. The internet is full of articles proving the damaging effects of parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals, and so many beauty-conscious people are turning to much more wholesome and clean alternatives. Help yourself or a loved one make the transition to all-natural and all-organic beauty this Christmas with one of these delectable sets.

A champion of 100% pure mineral makeup is this innovatory brand. Inika’s mission is to provide the same luxurious, high-quality finish of mainstream and designer brands but with ingredients that have been sustainably source and that are much kinder to your skin. This Beauty Essentials kit contains all of Inika’s best makeup pieces including their certified organic eye liner, 100% natural highlighter crème, mineral bronzer, mineral mascara and certified organic lip balm. All of these products contain complex formulas of light minerals and rich, nourishing oils, for example jojoba oil and shea butter, and have the added benefit of begin completely vegan-friendly. This kit is a little box of goodness that will protect and nourish your skin whilst also incomparably uplifting and illuminating your look.

Juice Beauty
No beauty look is complete without a healthy dose of lip gloss: it is the perfect winter pick-me-up adding a little nonchalant and laidback polish to your look. Juice Beauty are a go-to brand if you want to swap in your synthetic lip glosses for something much more natural. These glosses are free from parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances, sulphates and pesticides, and instead opt for natural and organic ingredients that produce the same high-quality results. This cute set contains natural extracts in all their formulas, with scintillating and energising flavours of fig, guava and grape. Not only will these glosses add a splash of colour and moisture to your look, they will also ensure that your lips are not left chapped and dry after use, but nourished and protected.

One of the most popular makeup styles of all time is that classic smoky eye; the sultry and vampy beauty look that imparts instant drama and intrigue. To achieve this look, you will need a high-quality palate of eyeshadows that are blendable, easy to use and provide a great finish. Bellàpierre have created a covetable set of smoky eyeshadows to create the look made from complex and clean formulas of natural minerals, oils and extracts, including honeysuckle, jojoba, beeswax and Vitamin E. These are not irritating to skin and are suitable for even the most sensitive complexions, whilst also providing a fantastic finish. You can easily create the smoky eye look you’ve always wanted to achieve whilst also safe in the knowledge that the products you are using are safe, enriching and good to the environment.

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  1. ottima scelta di prodotti

  2. Magnifici questi prodotti! Li vorrei tutti amche io! :D
    Bacione bellezza e buon inizio di settimana! :*

  3. Love the things you choose..especially first set looks interesting xoxo

  4. Quante cosine interessanti <3

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  5. bei rpodotti!!!

  6. quante bellissime idee regalo truccose!!

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  7. What a gorgeous Christmas wishlist! Love the beauty-related gifts!
    Fashion Soup

  8. Ladies use a lot make up, so it is very important to use healthier ingridients from thier cosmetic boxes. The worst things about the toxic stuff in cosmetics is their cumulating in body.
    Great post and offer!!
    Kiss, Silvy

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  11. Che bei prodotti, ottima lista!
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  12. What a great selection!

  13. Nice post and cool photos !

  14. Che bella selezione di prodotti Marty!!!
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  15. Che bei prodottti!!!
    Io li vorrei tutti!

  16. Fantastici questi prodotti, posso prenderne qualcuno io?

  17. The pictures are so amazing! Thank you for sharing:)

  18. Love this! I am a sucker for organic beauty products! I will definitely check these out!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  19. very beautiful selection!

  20. Me gusta la selección que has escogido!

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  21. Anything beauty related always goes down a treat for gifts. But something that is organic is even better!


  22. Lovely post :-)

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  23. beautiful cosmetics! :D

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