The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Two Piece Jumpsuit

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Two Piece Jumpsuit

The fashion industry went crazy with the jumpsuit trend during the 70’s to 80’s. For a while, it took the backseat but just recently, it came back (and with a bang!). That is why you can see models wearing two piece jumpsuit on the runways and you will see pictures of celebrities wearing this stylish piece plastered on various fashion magazines. If you wish to join the craze, here are some of the do’s and don’ts that you should follow:

• Don’t wear a wide leg jumpsuit if you are a petite lady.

There is no discrimination here. This is just one simple tip. We know there are many ways to how you can look rocking with a wide leg jumpsuit but to keep things safe, we recommend that you go for tapered pants so you can achieve that leaner and taller look. Wide leg style tends to make you look stunted and frumpy.

• Do have your two piece jumpsuit tailored to perfection.

Today, loose and baggy jumpsuits may seem like a trendy thing, but you must keep in mind that this fashion is not for everyone. If you wish to go the classic route, we highly recommend that you opt for one that fits you perfectly. If you cannot find the jumpsuit that fits you well, then you can have one tailored.

• Don’t be afraid to go for something quirky.

We know that it is safer to opt for jumpsuits in classic cuts, but if you are feeling a bit adventurous, we recommend that you go for the quirkier ones. You can choose ones with cutouts, in polka dots, in a loud pattern, in a flashy color and much more. Sometimes, it pays to be different. Just don’t overdo it.

• Do keep it simple.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also occasions that call for simplicity. If you plan to wear your jumpsuit to a formal event, then opt for ones in black, tan, white or red. Don’t worry if it is too plain. It is more elegant that way. You can spice it up with gold or silver jewelry but avoid the chunky ones.

• Don’t neglect the length.

Aside from the fit, the length of the pants should also be considered. When buying a jumpsuit, you should imagine the type of footwear you will wear it with—will it look good with flats or will it look fab with heels? Once you have decided the type of shoe to wear, make sure that the hem of the pants will hit the floor and will not just pool around the ankles.

No matter how stylish and trendy this piece of clothing is, we cannot deny the fact that a two piece jumpsuit is one of the most unforgiving clothing styles you can ever wear. It is very easy to commit mistakes when wearing it so follow the tips mentioned above and you can certainly pull the perfect jumpsuit look.

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  5. Io ne ho messe due nella mia valigia delle vacanze! Troppo comode.

  6. Bellissime le jumpsuit, comode e molto fashion.

  7. Bellissime le jumpsuit, comode e molto fashion.

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  11. Mi piacciono, anche se ne ho acquistata solo una e confesso indosso molto poco! Baci

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  17. That's a good post for me! Because I am short and I avoid wearing jumpsuits, I look so strange! But with some rules, paying attention to them, I may have a chance to wear a nice jumpsuit, hopefully!

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