Shapewear, the shaping underwear to know

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The world of shapewear – or intimate shaping – is vast and complex. There are those who know every single detail and share tips on models, fabrics, colors and shapes. Many at first observe with mistrust, only to then discover all the numerous benefits of wearing a shaping underwear. At every occasion his shapewear, so it says. 

Bras, Spanx, corsets, leotards, micro jumpsuit…. the list to choose from is long. The reasons for opting for a bodysuit shapewear are just as numerous: impeccable under bodycons that mark the silhouette, are also the correct answer – and perhaps the only one – to wear transparent clothes during the day. 

The story behind shapewear 

But the history of shapewear is not recent, on the contrary, it dates back years – even millennia ago-. The first corset is thought to belong to 1,600 BC, at the time of the Mycenaean civilization. The shaping underwear has crossed continents and eras, gradually transforming, drawing the body of who would wear it: hourglass during the Middle Ages – and then reach maximum splendor during the Elizabethan era with the obsession with the hips – Exalting the waist – and the “wasp vines” of the Victorian era -, to become the dress code par excellence of the Flapper Girl. 

In modern days, the shaping underwear loses its constrictive adjective to remain a ‘friend’ of the body. Wearing shapewear today is a sign of confidence and determination, it is a conscious and somehow revolutionary choice.

Different kinds of shapewear

The shapewear are the most designed underwear garments for any modeling or to hold parts of the body, perfect for making a slim and modeled figure. Depending on the needs on the market there are many types of shapewear.

Lower belly shaper is the most popular right now. Garments designed to shape and make the figure more sinuous, just like an hourglass, to give a visibly smaller waist with a modern touch.

Another very popular model are the backless shapewear, a type of body that wraps from the breast to the legs. This type of bodysuit perfectly wraps the figure and allows you to wear even the most tight-fitting dresses, all to feel more sensual even on elegant occasions.

Finally, for an even stronger effect, there are other models, such as the side zipper shapewear, any type of elegant and sexy shape that is suitable for women. In fact, if you dream of having Kim Kardashian’s body, these leotards are the solution for you.

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