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After two years of the pandemic, it seems that we are returning to normal. Goodbye smartworking, staying indoors to cook and eat. By now we are returning to the office, to eat at the restaurant and attend weddings or ceremonies. All of this leads to saying goodbye to pajamas, jumpsuits and making jeans or tight dresses come back again. During the months of the lockdown we ate a lot without going to the gym and therefore many of us lost our fitness. Surely a few extra pounds and abdominal or hip fat can be a nuisance. So what do you do? Do we give up? Of course not! The solution is simple: buy the right modeling underwear for us!

The shapewear are the most designed underwear garments for any modeling or to hold parts of the body, perfect for making a slim and modeled figure. Depending on the needs on the market there are many types of shapewear.

Slim shapewear is the most popular right now. Garments designed to shape and make the figure more sinuous, just like an hourglass, to give a visibly smaller waist with a modern touch.

The results of these shapewear are immediately visible: just wear them to have a more sinuous and slim figure. Another very popular model are the backless shapewear, a type of body that wraps from the breast to the legs. This type of bodysuit perfectly wraps the figure and allows you to wear even the most tight-fitting dresses, all to feel more sensual even on elegant occasions.

Finally, for an even stronger effect, there are other models, such as the side zipper shapewear, any type of elegant and sexy shape that is suitable for women. In fact, if you dream of having Kim Kardashian's body, these leotards are the solution for you. They are short bodysuits that can enhance any curve. These leotards are designed to wrap the whole body. This is possible because it embraces most of the critical parts of the body, supports to slim the silhouette and mask the most problematic areas like buttocks, stomach and things.

Each body is made without seams so they are perfect to wear under clothing without being noticed.

Sculptshe Body Sculpt Backless Shapewear

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