Tips for Saying Goodbye Before a Move

When you move you are literally leaving an entire life behind you, make sure you do it your best.

The last few days before leaving for your new home are the most chaotic. However, if you are planning to move, it can be a cathartic experience to say goodbye to your home one last time. This means more than just notifying your new address or forwarding your mail. Your goodbyes should be about memories, both remembering them and creating new ones. 

Saying goodbye to your old home and pack your stuff

Move represent the perfect opportunity to left your old life behind, in order to prepare for a new and exciting beginning and to take only the essentials with us.

To understand whether an object should be eliminated or not, we must ask ourselves if it is actually useful, if we really need it, if we have used it or not in the last year, and possibly how many times.

Sometimes we are forced to do this type of reasoning, because we have to move to another country and therefore we cannot take with us all that we have accumulated over the years. 

Reducing the objects to be transported will also affect the cost of the move, which will certainly be cheaper.

When you start preparing the boxes for the move, you realize how many things have accumulated over the years. Moving house thus becomes an (almost) unique opportunity to bring order into your life and say goodbye to those things that, in reality, have not been needed for a long time. 

How to organize a move?

First of all, separating what is worth keeping and bringing to the new home from what is given as a gift or deserves to end up in the garbage. 

Here is a list of five types of objects to be eliminated immediately: 

  • The old stuff that have been given to us that we actually don’t like and we think we have to keep to feel less guilty, because they take away space from everything that, instead, it could bring us joy.
  • Memories from childhood or university, even if they are difficult to throw away, as they represent a sort of emotional toll.
  • The collections that you no longer feel yours and the necessary for a pastime that you never started or stopped, which create a kind of aspirational disorder.
  • Particularly challenging furniture or textiles, which will have a negative impact on your mood, as well as any object of the wrong color.
  • Paperwork, documents from 15/20 years ago, or correspondence and old greeting cards that are not useful and take up space. Maybe make a selection of the most important ones or those you are most attached to and delete the rest.

If it is still difficult for you to think about throwing something away, think that it is an act of kindness you do to yourself, to enhance your spaces and use them for something you really like. Check some homes for sale in Toronto.

Have you ever moved out? Do you have any advice for me?

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