The Top 5 Wholesale Women's Clothing Markets in the UK

Wholesale is the way to go to earn the most money off the items you sell and build a profitable shop long-term. Unfortunately, not all wholesalers are built the same, and it can be challenging to see through companies and figure out which ones have the best options. 

You need to consider which products and styles you want to offer; then, you need to find a wholesaler that's creating high-quality pieces that fit your needs. Knowing what's out there for wholesale women's clothing markets helps you succeed as a clothing retailer.

 Europa Fashions

Europa Fashions has become a famous wholesaler of women's clothing in recent years. The talented team responsible for curating their designs knows how to stay on trend. This means you don't have to waste your valuable time researching what's in; you can instead order from their lengthy list of stylish pieces. Europa Fashions is known for keeping its profit margins low, making it an extremely affordable option. 

Dear Lover

Dear Lover is a cheap women's clothing supplier from China that offers a wide selection of options in different fits, patterns, textures, and sizes. They've been in the game since 2007, making them one of the most well-known and knowledgeable wholesale brands. Dear Lover stays on top of the latest fashion trends and offers high-quality options that fit right in.

Mia Fashions

Mia Fashions is a UK-based Lady's Fashion wholesaler. Their specialty is celebrity-inspired fashion, and they're one of the best options for people looking to keep up with trends on a budget. They're popular with small businesses and larger retailers like Pretty Little Thing. Rest easy knowing other retailers are having significant success buying from this wholesaler.

Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale Shopping is another popular and affordable option in the women's clothing game. They offer a 15% discount on your first order, which helps when stocking up on trendy items when you're starting out. They also provide the option to put your own label or custom branding on the wholesale clothes purchased from them. Wholesale Shopping and its trendy and cheap prices are an excellent option for those new to the clothing business.

Missi Clothing

Missi Clothing is one of the best clothing wholesalers in the UK. Their options are fashionable and on-trend. They offer pieces for many occasions, from daily lounge wear to evening wear. One unique part about Missi Clothing is that they offer custom garment printing from their design studio in Manchester for those wanting something a little more original. 

 Just because you're a UK clothing retailer doesn't mean you must order your products within the area. Don't limit yourself to one location; instead, consider other options. China is the world's largest producer and exporter of clothing for a reason. Many UK retailers find the most success ordering and offering products from these wholesalers. 

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